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Canada-Israel Cultural Foundation(CICF)

73 Loch Isle Road 
Ottawa,  Ontario  K2H 8G7

Phone: (613) 726 - 0713 
Fax: (613) 728 - 3497

Culture is Israel's bridge to the world never permitting us to be isolated

1.CICF provides a unique opportunity for members to enjoy local programs embracing the art and culture of Israel.

2.CICF fosters the growth of cultural and artistic activities in Israel. Acting as Israel's cultural ambassador in Canada, CICF promotes a mutual respect for the universal shared values by both countries.

3.CICF provides scholarships for the study of the Arts, to assist programs, which draw youth closer to the arts and support major cultural Institutions.

4)CICF encourages gifts of Art and musical instruments, as well as grants to specific cultural institutions and projects.

CICF has a distinct role to play in the Jewish Community in Ottawa, serving as the cultural bridge between Israel and Canada.

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